Our Personal Information Protection Policy

LiveDo Corporation (herein after “We”) understands how important it is to protect supplied personal information. All personal information that we collect is managed and controlled in accordance with the LiveDo policies set out below.

Basic Policy

  • Proper management
    Supervised by a personal information protection manager, designated employees properly manage personal information.
  • Notification of Purpose of Use
    When collecting personal information, we will clearly state the purpose of collection and indicate the contact person(s) for any inquiry. Supplied personal information is only shared with other entities to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  • Use of Personal Information
    Supplied personal information is only used to the extent stated above in 2. Notification of Purpose of Use.
  • Provision to Third Parties
    In properly managing supplied personal information, except as otherwise stipulated by law, such information is not disclosed or provided to any third parties without the consent and approval of the personal-information owner.
    Personal information is entrusted only to subcontractors who have contractually agreed to  securely manage and prevent leakage or re-provision of supplied information.
  • Respect for Rights Related to Personal Information
    Respecting the rights of individuals to control their personal information, except as otherwise stipulated by law, we will respond without delay to any individual request to declare purpose of use and disclosure, and to correct, delete, cease use of, or completely erase personal information in our possession.
  • Implementation Secure Information Control
    To minimize the risk of personal-information loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage, we will implement appropriate information-security procedures including, but not limited to, measures to prevent unauthorized access and other computer infiltration via viruses, trojan horses, and other means.
  • Improvement and maintenance of personal information protection management
    Promptly updating our personal-information management policies as necessary, we will ensure that our employees (full-time, contract, temporary, and part-time) and stakeholders (partners, outsourcing companies, service providers, etc.) are fully aware of and compliant with the personal-information protection and management policies stipulated by LiveDo Corporation.
  • Compliance with Laws, Regulations and other Standards
    We will comply with laws and other regulations concerning personal information.
April, 2023
Declared by LiveDo Corporation

Management of Personal Information

  • What is personal information?
    As defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act (Act No. 57 of 2003), personal information is information that can be used to identify a specific individual by name, address, etc.
  • Intended use of personal information

    We may ask individuals to supply personal information in order to confirm product purchases, service applications, product delivery, and for other interactions.
    Supplied personal information will be used only within the scope of the stated purpose of use.
    Unless the information provider agrees, we will not use personal information for any purpose other than the stated purpose of use.

    Purpose of Use

    • For billing, payment and confirmation of requests for, and pending delivery of, various products and services.
    • To confirm requests for e-mail bulletin and other subscription services, and to deliver e-mail.
    • To deliver e-mail, and direct mail advertising and promotion for LiveDo and/or business partner products and services.
    • To send goods, premiums, rewards, etc.
    • To provide our products and services, to collect information, and to improve and develop new services.
    • To statistically process, use, and publish survey results.
    • To provide information on events such as seminars and exhibitions.
    • To provide information related to our products and services.
    • To send information on exercise of rights, to distribute materials to shareholders, and to manage communications with shareholders.
    • To consider and decide whether to accept or reject applicants for employment, to process job applications, and to make other necessary communications.
  • Provision to Third Parties

    Except in the circumstances listed below, unless the information provider consents, we will not provide personal information to third parties .

    • a. To pay a reward for survey completion or prize awards, etc., as necessary, we will provide personal information to a financial institution.
    • b. As necessary, we may share personal information with a partner company, affiliated company, or subcontractor that has concluded a personal-information non-disclosure agreement with us.
    • c. We may share statistical data that has been processed in such a way that individuals cannot be identified.
    • d. Personal information may be shared to comply with legal requirements.
    • e. Personal information may be disclosed when reasonably deemed necessary for protecting the rights, property, security, etc. of the company and its customers.
    • f. We may share with group companies within the scope of 2. Purpose of Use.
  • Correction of Entered Information
    We will keep supplied personal information as accurately and as up-to-date as possible.
    We will disclose, correct, or delete an individual’s personal information only if requested and after verifying that the individual concerned has made the request.
    Be aware, however, that if personal information is deleted or incorrectly revised , we may not be able to continue to provide certain products or services.
  • Secure Management of Personal Data
    We will make every effort to securely control and use supplied personal information by implementing reasonable and appropriate security to prevent unauthorized access and loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.
  • Use of Cookies, etc.
    To site-accessing computer browsers, our website may send textual data known as cookies to improve visitors’ site user experience, and to authenticate login credentials. Cookies provide specific visitors with optimal information and services according to browsing history, and help to deliver appropriate advertisements. Visitors can disable or delete cookies by adjusting browser settings. Be aware, however, that if the cookies are disabled or deleted, some website functions may not be available.
  • Personal Information Security on Linked Websites
    We are not responsible for the handling of personal information entered at websites of other companies or individuals accessed via links on our website.
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    LiveDo Corporation
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  • Contact Information

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